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QCHA recommendations for Summer HL

At this time the QCHA will be recommending that locker rooms not be used during summer house league programs.  We are working through social distancing and sanitization issues.

  • Please keep your player home if they are sick or have symptoms
  • When kids come to the rink, we would like to encourage parents to pick up and drop off their player(s) mostly dressed
  • Skates may be put on and taken off quickly in the lobby
  • The lobby will have social distancing rules and be sanitized per the City guidelines
  • The City currently has the bleachers/watching area closed
  • All players should bring their own water bottles
  • Coaches will be encouraged to use more, smaller sized groups while running drills
  • All instruction will be done on ice.  This should limit the time and space kids are together on the ice.

As registration opens there will be an acknowledgment of risk attached regarding COVID.  We will be reassessing the locker room situation before fall house league. 

A Note from the QCHA President

Association Members,

First and foremost, I hope this letter finds everyone healthy and well.  We are in unprecedented times and it seems appropriate to provide some information related to COVID-19 and what the QCHA is doing to ensure the well-being of our players, members and spectators. 

The city has issued guidance for the opening of the River’s Edge that includes a phased approach.  We are currently in the first phase, which includes social distancing measures, restricted viewing areas, additional cleaning/sanitizing efforts, no food service and no locker room usage.  Although requiring players to dress at home is highly unpopular, I ask that we support the rink in their quest to be abundantly cautious.  Please take a moment to read the plan and familiarize yourself with the expectations.

Additionally, the QCHA is placing Tena Mahoney as the COVID Coordinator that will be the main point of contact for all members.  She will work with the rink, answer parent questions related to COVID safety measures, follow reporting and communication protocols in the instance of a positive COVID case, and ensure timely feedback to the association as a whole.  Tena will act as a resource for all and will collect feedback as it relates to safety measures.

I have received numerous questions from members about what summer and fall look like for the QCHA.  Barring any governmental directives, both summer and fall hockey will proceed as planned with details to come soon.  I ask everyone to be flexible as the situation is fluid, given the fall may bring with it re-instated restrictions.

Critical in our effort to reduce the risk for all is to keep your child home if he/she is feeling ill.  I know everyone is excited to return to the rink after the past several months.  I hope to see you there soon!

Melody Wright

QCHA President

QCHA COVID-19 Protocol

In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and help protect our membership, the following changes are being instituted for the Summer 2020 Season and potentially the Fall 2020-2021 Season.

Locker Room Changes

At this time, no locker room use is permitted.

Players should try to avoid congregating at the rink doors prior to practice.

Coaching Changes

Any necessary coaching instruction related to drills will be done on the ice and not in the locker room.

To the maximum extent possible, drills will focus on individual skills to keep players spaced apart.

Coaches may use small groups that remain together and work through stations, rather than switching groups or mixing groups.

Encourage social distancing when not actively engaged in play (avoid tight line forming).

At the end of practice, release half of the players at a time to avoid crowding at the door.

Player Changes

Players must bring their own water bottles and must not share.  Coaches will not be providing team water bottles.

Players should not share equipment or loan equipment at any time.

                Practice social distancing when waiting to get on the ice.

                While on the bench, players should attempt to remain as far apart as space allows.

Volunteer Changes

Locker room monitors should assist in ensuring the players social distance to the maximum extent possible both before and after practice.

Masks must be worn in the penalty box and at the score table.

No bake sale fundraisers or homemade items for fundraising efforts will be allowed. 


If your player is ill or is experiencing any symptoms that are indicative of COVID-19, your player cannot attend practice or a game.  There are no exceptions.

If you or your player is required to self-quarantine due to exposure, do not bring them to practice during this time, even if they are not experiencing any symptoms.  CDC guidelines for quarantining should be reviewed and followed.

Viewing practices will require social distancing in the spectator area.

Notify the QCHA COVID-19 Coordinator in the instance that you or your player tests positive for COVID-19 or is exposed and had direct contact with someone that tested positive.

If you or your child is at high risk for severe illness due to COVID-19, please limit your exposure by avoiding activities that put you in close contact with larger groups of people. 

The health and well-being of our hockey community is of the utmost importance for the Quad City Hockey Association.  We are instituting these measure as a means to protect everyone, while still enjoying the great game of hockey.  Although we hope that the Fall brings the possibility of loosening these restrictions, we are prepared to adjust our season to fit the environment.  This may impact travel, select and house league teams in various ways and we are closely monitoring guidance from the CDC, the state of Iowa, and the federal government along with USA Hockey.  This may lead to delayed decisions with regard to League play, clinics, tournaments, and overall hockey programming.  We will have a 2020-2021 season, but it may require adjustments along the way.  We will be placing a COVID-19 coordinator and will provide their contact information should you have any questions.


Updated 6/9/2020

Tena Mahoney

COVID-19 Coordinator